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Everyday Life Is Spiritual Practice, 1440 Multiversity, December 6 - 8, 2019

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Program Description

What if you approached every aspect of daily life as an opportunity for spiritual practice?

In the decades since mindfulness was introduced into Western culture, it has been accepted as an integral component of education, healthcare, and psychotherapy. It's common to hear about mindful leadership, mindful chiropractic, even mindful tennis, as the world moves toward a new paradigm of mindfulness woven into every aspect of daily living.

Join beloved meditation teacher Nikki Mirghafori, PhD, for an intensive weekend workshop to cultivate mindful attention in every facet of your life. Mindfulness-the balanced, curious, wholehearted attention to unfolding experience, motivated by the intention to respond for the benefit of oneself and others-is the key to a just and compassionate world. It is that clarity of intention and purpose that elevates any everyday skill into the spiritual realm of contentment, wisdom, gratitude, and happiness.

In a workshop suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, you will:

Use Buddha's Eightfold Path of Practice as a template for approaching everyday mindfulnessUnderstand how your relationships, livelihood choices, ethics, contemplative practices, and study are all places in which you can apply mindfulnessBegin to dissolve the division between "spiritual practice" and "daily living."

Move more confidently toward a mindful life full of compassion and contentment.


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