Heart Confetti


Join us for an hour of gladdening the mind and heart

Every weekday 6-7pm Pacific Time

No registration Needed -- Drop In & Online

Happy Hour is dedicated to the cultivation of loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, equanimity, gratitude, forgiveness, ... and other heart practices.


The format is: a 5-10 minute talk, a 30 minute guided meditation, reflections, community break-out group practice on Zoom, and closing reflections.  


Freely offered.  Dana (donation/gift/contribution) is welcome.

  • I usually teach Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (Zoom and YouTube).  

  • Diana Clark teaches on Tuesday and Thursday (Zoom only).

Previous recordings:  


For schedule updates  (including guest teachers substitutes) please see calendar posting at Insight Meditation Center (IMC Calendar).