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Mindful Work: Bringing Your Full Self and Practice to Work, Nov 26, 2017, Spirit Rock

Our practice does not end at the edge of our cushion. In fact, the entirety of our life and work are our practice. Many of us spend more time at work than any other place in our lives. Our workplace can serve as our temple for daily life practice, where the proverbial rubber meets the road. Our work can also serve as our sacred offering to the world. In this daylong, we will explore how depth, meaning, and clarity from our practice can be integrated with our work life as to a true intention for whole-hearted right livelihood. We will also explore ways to transform personal and interpersonal challenges at work into opportunities to discover, grow, learn, and open our hearts. Our intention in this daylong is twofold: to foster intentionality in work as practice, and to impart practical tools and practices for developing the art of skillful, compassionate work. Our day together will include periods of guided meditation, teachings, small & large group discussions, and Q/A.

With Marc Lesser

November 26, 2017. 9:30am -- 4:30pm

Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

When open, register here.

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