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Maranasati: Awakening to Life through Death Contemplation, July 29, 2017, IMC

“What is subject to death, dies. I am not exempt.” is one of the Five Daily Remembrances the Buddha recommended for frequent reflection for lay and ordained practitioners, alike. We all die, that is for certain. Only the timing is unknown. Rather than ignoring, fearing, or running away from this natural truth of our human lives, we can harness the power of this “supreme contemplation”, as the Buddha called it, to inform our precious human life in order to live more fully, with presence, and according to our deepest values. Embracing the impermanent nature of our lives also allows a deep letting go, freedom, and fearlessness in preparation for our actual moment of death. Join us for a day of practice and exploration through dharma talks, guided meditation, and small & large group dialogue.

Saturday July 29th, 9:30am - 4:30pm

Insight Meditation Center, 108 Birch St., Redwood City, CA

No registration required.

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