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The Joy of Samadhi (Concentration), April 28-29, 2018, Spirit Rock

The practice of samatha leads to the state of samadhi, where the mind is stable, bright, undistracted, and spacious. A dedicated practice of samatha can culminate in profound stillness, known as jhana, where the mind becomes fully absorbed in the object of attention. Trying to develop samadhi through Herculean effort with the force of a whip to stop distractions and pull the mind into one-pointedness can be self-defeating. A wiser approach, which we will explore together, is similar to training a beloved puppy: through gentle and affectionate instructions that are at the same time resolved and steady. A stable mind is more inclined to insight. Developing samadhi, to any extent available, serves as a doorway to freedom of our minds and hearts.

Pre-requisites: Knowledge of the basic vipassana meditation instructions through completion of a class or a residential retreat.

April 28-19, 2018. Two day non-residential retreat. 10 am - 4:30 pm

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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