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Evolving Together: Mindfulness Meditation and Modern Science, October 1-7, 2018, Spirit Rock

"Oh wondrous creatures,

by what strange miracle

do you so often

not smile?"

Hafiz, Sufi poet

Many of us are amazed when we read of the latest scientific discoveries about the complexity of the brain or the number of galaxies in the cosmos or the workings of biological evolution. In this meditation retreat we will learn how to make the new science come alive inside of us, helping us to transform our understanding of ourselves. Making use of classical Buddhist meditation techniques, we will employ the latest science information to help us train our hearts and minds for a more harmonious and happier life.

The retreat will follow the traditional schedule of sitting and walking meditations, talks, discussion and guided practices. We will explore the workings of the brain and nervous system, the evolutionary origin of our body and emotions; practice traditional Buddhist reflections on death and dying; all the while uncovering the tricky delusions of mind and looking at the mystery of consciousness itself. In the process we will find some relief from our personal drama and gain a new sense of connection and delight in our lives. Teachings are appropriate for all, including health care professionals.

With Wes Nisker and Rick Hanson.

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

For more information and registration, click here.

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